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At Z-Pro Pest Control, we will never pressure you to buy services you don’t need. Our expertise in Bay Area pest control enables us to develop a curated list of pest control services in Gilroy and the surrounding communities.


One-Time services may be all that is required to eliminate your pest issue. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know and be happy to serve you this one time for ants, fleas, nesting wasps and yellowjackets. Sometimes though, the pesky pest issue can require regular maintenance and that’s where Z-Pro can really help.


Either way, your free, no-obligation estimate is only the beginning. You can rest assured you will get fast and courteous service at 

Z-Pro Pest Control. Even if you decide to work with other pest control services in the Bay Area, we want to make sure you have the information you need to decide with confidence.


We offer a comprehensive pest control package with all treatments guaranteed.  Our services will adapt with the changes of the seasons and your home will remain protected all year long.  Pest issues change with the seasons and what your property needs in the winter may differ from what you need in the spring or summer.  ALL SEASONS PEST CONTROL PROGRAM adapts in anticipation of these changes.


By getting regular pest control treatments, you no longer have to buy, apply, or store harsh chemicals in your home. You can also avoid various health problems associated with these harmful bug and rodents.  We do more than just spray around the base of your foundation, in addition we treat the eaves, window frames and fence line.  We will go on the hunt for where we know where pests live and hide.

The Best Year-Round Pest Control for Gilroy & Morgan Hill Residents

With seasonal pest control, our local pest control professionals will visit your property on a bi-monthly basis. Each time, we will assess the situation and apply the right pest control solution for the job. We can work around your schedule. You don’t even need to be home!


Seasonal pest control can be the right choice for:



Ants can do more than just ruin your picnic! Once ants discover a source of food, they mark it with a specialized scent trail that alerts others. This consistently leads them back into your home, no matter how far the nest may be. Luckily, we can disrupt the trail and keep them from coming back.



The most effective mosquito abatement includes treatment at all stages of the mosquitoes’ lifecycle, not just when they’re adults during barbecue season!


Yellow Jackets

Yellowjackets are among the most aggressive wasps. Once their nest is established, they will actively seek out confrontation with humans. It’s essential to eliminate a nest before it is too large. Our professionals can tackle nests of any size safely.


Exterior Fleas

Exterior fleas typically hitch a ride on your dog or cat and then make their way inside. Fleas don’t exclusively stay on animals, however, and will eventually nest indoors depending on their lifecycle needs. The best answer is to treat exterior fleas early.



California is home to a diverse array of spider species. While some of these can be beneficial to humans, many are dangerous. Spider control in California should be tailored to the exact species of spider. Pets and children are especially vulnerable to spiders, so act fast!



Roaches are well known as one of the toughest pest species, but don’t despair. Roach control in California helps to eliminate them, even in walls and other hard-to-reach areas. Z-Pro Pest Control is a leader in Bay Area roach control that gets results.


Mice and Rats

Z-Pro Pest Control partners with a select group of Bay Area rodent control specialists to treat mice and rats.


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